Friday, January 11, 2013

The Witness ~ Josh Mcdowell

The WitnessThe Witness by Josh McDowell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Marwan Accad is the owner of a private security business. Danger and mystery are a way of life for him, but when he is hired by Rafeeq Ramsey, one of the richest men in Egypt to find his kidnapped wife, what looks like an open and close case takes a dramatic twist when he finds a piece of evidence that incriminates some of the most respected and powerful men in Europe.
Rafeeq Ramsey is gunned down by sniper fire only seconds after he is shown this evidence and Marwan Accad is in their cross hairs.
Accused of murder he did not commit and tracked by murderers that no one suspects he seeks refuge in Cairo where he finds true love for the first time in his life.
The only reason I id not give this book 5stars is some of the parts were a little bit unbelievable. Also while it was a great story it was a little lacking in plot. There was pretty much a "good guy verses bad guy" story with no true side plots or unsuspected revelations.
I would recommend this book, it's a fast action story that really does hold your interest but it's not as complex as I had personally hoped.   

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