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Barefoot Summer ~ Denise Hunter

Barefoot Summer (Chapel Spring #1)Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Madison and Bekket are totally incompatible. He's the son of the town drunk, the "Bad Boy of Chapel Springs" and she is a McKinley, one of the most respected families in the whole county.
Bekket has had a crush on Madison since highschool but he knows he'll never be good enough for Madison McKinley. Not only is he a known trouble maker but he also holds a secret concerning the death of Madison's twin brother Michael.
Madison is determined that the good looking, howbeit infamous Bekket O'rielly doesn't even know she exist much less like her. Also she blames him for the disappearence of her sister Jade.
Determined to fulfill her dead brothers dream Madison signs up for boating lessons to compete in a local sailing competition, ironically her "substitute teacher" is none other than Bekket O'rielly. Thrown together by circumstances friendship and eventually love begans to blossom but can thier love grow in the soil of guilt and distrust or will it wilt under the scorching light of secrecy?

O.k, I thought this book read like a soap opera. There's really no plot other than Madison and Bekket finally falling in love and overcoming thier past.
I also thought that for a Christian book the romance could be just a little steamy. While there was no sex the passion did go farther than a goodnight kiss and a warm hug.

I recieved this book free in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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